Covert Car Dealerships


Covert has been selling vehicles to Texas car buyers for more than a century. The first Covert dealership was opened in 1909 by Frank M. Covert, Sr., a real estate and insurance businessman. Three years later, he was joined by his son, Clarence Covert, Sr., and together they formed the Austin Buick Sales Company, which would go on to become the foundation for Covert Buick, Inc., today’s oldest Texas Buick dealership.

More Coverts would join the family business over the years, and the company would grow from its humble beginnings and blossom into a highly successful enterprise consisting of multiple dealerships. No matter who was in charge of the franchise, Frank Covert’s focus on an enjoyable car-shopping experience, support for local charitable organizations and commitment to customer satisfaction shines through. Today, Covert proudly carries on its traditions in a new millennium and strives to deliver the ultimate car-shopping experience to every customer who walks through our doors.



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